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John (ProComGer) | 7 years ago | 6 comments | 1 like | 2,984 views

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how can I create 3d EPS?

With Vincent's tool I can only create 2d EPS and Blender doesn't support EPS export.

Model export (".x") doesn't help, because I need the typewriter property to animate a 3d path as shown here:



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Hi John, maybe this tool can help you. It's based on maths functions. Very difficult to imagine a simple (GUI) interface for a tool wich creates 3D sketches.

vincent, 7 years ago

Thanks, Vincent!

Now I have to fight with my anti-virus software.

But this tool is virus-free?



John (ProComGer), 7 years ago

I'm not getting any warnings.

If you worry about this I advise you to contact the publisher before installing.

michiel, 7 years ago

Converting 3D models to 3D sketches is a VERY interesting idea! There must be many ways to do this. Do you have good examples? I would love to see them.

michiel, 7 years ago

John, i do not remember having problems installing matsketch2 two yers ago.
today i tried with other computer and my Avast doesn't detect any viruses.

vincent, 7 years ago

@ Michiel/ @ Vincent: Thanks for your answers!

I have Symantec Anti-Virus.
If you didn't detect any problems or viruses, I will install the program …
I think it should work without any issues.

@ Michiel: Yes, I would appreciate if BluffTitler could support this feature, but I'm not quite sure how to convert 3d models into sketches.

I am using Blender, Inkscape and Gimp.
Inkscape has EPS export, but this is only a 2d vector graphics software.

If you could enable BluffTitler to convert X-Files into sketches it would be great!

@ Michiel/ @ Vincent: Thanks for your support!


John (ProComGer), 7 years ago

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