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John (ProComGer) | 6 years ago | 4 comments | 1,242 views


in this article I list a few features that would be very useful:

→ Stroked text: ALREADY DONE.
→ Traced picture layer: ALREADY DONE.
→ HD plasma: ---
→ Damper/bouncer/accelaration configuration: ---
→ Binary encryption text like "010001110": ---
→ Variable countdown start time: ---
→ Thumbnail preview of *.bt files and *.fx files: ---
→ *.x models with more properties (as the *.eps models provide): ---
→ Music visualization: ---

This was the result of some brainstorming with my friends ;-).

I just wanted to share the results.

BluffTitler is so cool that we needed some cup of tea afterwards ;-).

Have a good evening!



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→ Convert *.x into *.eps
→ Blender *.x exports with typewriter property would make this effect much easier: With blender you could create the path in the 3D room and you can export this object into BluffTitler to animate it with the typewriter property to achieve this effect:

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Thank you for your requests!

About your 3D model to sketch idea, do you want to convert any 3D model or only 3D models that are shaped like lines/tubes?

When you say "typewriter" you mean the WRITER property of the sketch layer, right?

And what do you mean with "Binary encryption text"?

michiel, 6 years ago

Good Morning Michiel!

Concerning the 3D models: yes, it would be nice if it was possible to convert simple 3D objects into eps. Especially for the light streaks animation it would be nice to convert 3D models created with Blender into eps. Otherwise you could enable the 3D models to be animated with the writer property. Then, the models don't have to be to converted.

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

With binary encryption I mean the possibility to use the encryption property for text layers to create binary codes, e. g. "BluffTitler is cool" to "01100110111001111010" like the usual encryption to "DGDVJG TN IGDU".

I'm typing on my cell phone. Please excuse any mistakes. I go to work now.

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

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