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John (ProComGer) | 6 years ago | 9 comments | 2,638 views

Hi community,

I have found this cool effect on YouTube and I am not sure how to do this in BluffTitler. It looks pretty cool. If this feature doesn't exist right now: Maybe it can be implemented?


Best regards


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You can use the blur.fx effect for this.

The FilmGrain.fx effect gives a more original effect.

Both effects can be found in the MEDIA/EFFECTS/FILTERS folder that comes with the installer.

Choose the CHANGE EFFECT button to apply the effect to the active layer.

michiel, 6 years ago

Hi Michiel,

thanks! I will have a try :).

One question about the technology: Is it theoretically possible to include faked camera focus into a 3D real time software (such as BluffTitler)? I like this DSLR effect and I thought that it might be possible to create on the computer. The software in the video above also uses fake blur, as far as I know. I was thinking about this because giving every title a blur.fx and adjusting the settings one by one is more complicated than giving a focus blur fx to the camera which enables the camera to focus on objects.

Only suggestions. I am not sure whether this is possible for real time editing or not.

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Do you mean a DOF effect?

michiel, 6 years ago

Hi Michiel,

exactly. The depth of field is what I mean.
And as far as I can see you have already put this on your 2do list ;-).
Here is another example picture:


I don't know whether this can be rendered in real time software as BluffTitler, because Blender needs about 50 minutes for 10 sec. complex animation with depth of field.

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

By the way, Michiel, what do you think about my final idea to reduce the complexity of custom physics and overriding physics for single key frames?

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

We developed BluffTitler to escape having to drag red markers in abstract diagrams.

michiel, 6 years ago


what do you think about this alternative?

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Next to the Easy and Pro versions, it looks like we need a John version ;^)

michiel, 6 years ago

;^). Please excuse me, Michiel. I didn't want to drive you crazy or see you getting angry. This idea was also supported by the user "misterbrains" and I hoped to find a good solution which combines all the ideas in the easiest way.

You have to keep in mind that this physics window would only appear if you double click on a key frame to do some extra settings. Other users who do not want or do not need these functions simply don't have to double klick on a key frame :). I see this more as an extra feature and not as a replacement for the standard physics box with "constant speed", "damper", etc.

I think that this idea is much easier than these examples:

But it would push BluffTitler to a new level of simple and fantastic real time editing.

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

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