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XarquS | 12 years ago | 5 comments | 4 likes | 3,541 views

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The "WavingFlag" effect it is not just for flags...


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Nice animation, well done.

Ulli, 12 years ago

Very nice. Can you explain the layering process? Looks like you applied the wave effect to each fish individually and then again on the whole thing. Was this done in post .. i.e. in your editor?

JimH, 12 years ago

Crashh!! My English is not sufficient to explain the process correctly, sorry, but I try:
The "waving" effect was applied to one fish and clone this three times (four guppys and four "neon" in total). I changed slightly the "waving" effect and the movement in each fish.

Pre-Pro and postproduction has been done only by BluffTitler!!



XarquS, 12 years ago

Your english is fine. Now tell me how you made the fish swim into the camera? Is this a 3D model? I have not tried using 3D models yet.

JimH, 12 years ago

Of course. The fish are 3D and use three models. As I said, two are cloned.
In all cases, and to make them swim, we need to change the properties of the effect "WavingFlag" and the position of the 3D object with particular attention to the two emerging from the row.



XarquS, 12 years ago

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