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dgk | 12 years ago | 2 comments | 2,493 views

Is there a way to do this: You start a project with a picture layer, and then begin to put other picture or video layers on top of the original. After you are finished, you want to change the original picture or video that began the production. Can you do this without having to start from other words, just replace the original picture or video and keep the other layers in their current positions? Any input would be very welcome!


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You can change the picture by pressing the CHANGE TEXTURE... button.

Note that "texture" is the computer graphics term for a picture, image or photo.

Alternatively you can select the menu item MEDIA / CHANGE TEXTURE... (F8) This opens a dialog where you can press the SELECT PICTURE... and SELECT VIDEO... buttons.

michiel, 12 years ago

Wonderful, simply wonderful.....thanks, Michiel, a lot!!


dgk, 12 years ago

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