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maxste | 11 years ago | 2 comments | 3,199 views

Please advise how to install Bitmap Fonts so that they can be used in Bluff Titler?

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You do not have to "install" bitmap fonts, you can place them anywhere you like.

To load a bitmap font created with Alphabix into BluffTitler perform the following steps:
1) Choose the menu item MEDIA / CHANGE FONT... (or press F6)
2) Press the SELECT BITMAP FONT... button and select the .BF file you've created with Alphabix.

Note that next to the BF file, you also need a PNG texture file (both generated by Alphabix). It's best to place them next to each other.

More information can be found in the user guide:

michiel, 11 years ago

Steve, when I download a bitmap font from BluffTitler User's Gallery it comes in a zip file. (There are two files when it is unzipped. One is .bf and the other is .png)

When I unzip the file I move (install) these two files to my Bluff Titler Fonts file. On my computer it is C:\Program Files\Outerspace Software\Blufftitler\Media\Fonts

To use the bitmap font in a BT show I follow the directions given above by Michiel.

Cinde, 11 years ago

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