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taucher1945 | 12 years ago | 2 comments | 2,227 views

Hi all,
Im wondering that on my computer the text properties "flexibility" and "jumble" do not act properly. Everytime I change a value with the sliders in one of these properties, these values stay constant as long as the show lasts; so nothing moves.
Computer: Quadcore, XP SP3, 3x 1024 MB Ram, ATI 4650 Graphics

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Some properties like BEVEL are expensive because animating them slows down the framerate considerably.

Other properties like FONT SIZE, FLEXIBILITY and JUMBLE are seldomly animated.

For convenience, BluffTitler automatically marks the ALL KEYS checkbox when you select those properties. If you don't like this behaviour you can turn it off by unmarking the menu item SETTINGS / AUTO MARK ALL KEYS CHECKBOX

michiel, 12 years ago

So, if I understood You right, the grade of flexibility influences other parameters as text position, rotation etc.
Ive tested meanwhile and begin to understand,

taucher1945, 12 years ago

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