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NextPreviousHomeInverse Kinematics in BT?

kf_daddy | 4 years ago | 3 comments | 939 views

Can BT do inverse kinematics?

In the video, starting at 2:05 (and also right at the beginning), you can see what is commonly referred to as a Turkish Map Fold.

I was told that in order to create this I would need a 3D app that can do inverse kinematics. I have yet to come across any tutorials for any software to make this.

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No, BluffTitler does not feature inverse kinematics.

An example of inverse kinematics is a system that calculates how the angles of your shoulder, elbow and wrist have to be changed in order to move your finger exactly 10 cm to the left.

I once did a simulation of a robotic arm (ERA) on the international space station that used inverse kinematics.

The opposite system, named forward kinematics, would be changing those angles yourself and by trial and error find out what it takes to get the desired result. Babies are busy using this system learning how to use their limbs.

You could see the folds of the piece of paper as joints and use inverse kinematics to create this animation. I think however that, even if BluffTitler featured inverse kinematics, this would be a very difficult way to do it.

I would try using a few picture layers and cleverly move and rotate them around.

If that turnes out to be too tricky, I would create an effect that automates the process.

I expect both to be a huge puzzle. Probably the easiest and most fun way is to use a piece of paper and your camera!

michiel, 4 years ago

Funny you should mention paper and camera. It takes more than just a few picture layers, as I have found out. I have to keyframe every 2 to 3 frames tomaintain any kind of smoothness. And that is for each of the 14 layers I need to do. The movements are deceptively complex to say the least.

Doing this in AE using shape layers. Still lots of tweaking to do. Using different colors for now to help in the layout.

I thought I'd ask about BT since you're always coming up with something clever. You don't need to create an automating process, but just curious as to what you think it would involve?


kf_daddy, 4 years ago

Here's how I would implement it:

michiel, 4 years ago

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