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chaver | 5 years ago | 5 comments | 1,366 views

Hi do you have a tutorial or download how to make great 3d book cover?

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Hello chaver, there was a show called using effect PageCurl.fx but this effect does not exist anymore with V12. I let you the show here if you are interested but it must be opened with BT v11. Maybe Michiel can upgrade this fx or maybe there is an other solution in V12

vincent, 5 years ago

Thank you vincent ,but i dnt think i have v11,but thank you

chaver, 5 years ago

Sorry. Maybe michiel could convert to V11_PageCurl.cfx...

vincent, 5 years ago

chaver the version 12 upgrade is free.
you should consider moving to 12, there is an effect that can also help (plane2roll) this is for both versions.

the leaves of this animation were previously prepared in a program like Photoshop to put several images within each page.
you puts everything in a layer of container and ensures that the axis of rotation is on the point of rotation of each blade.

would be good to also be updated (V11_PageCurl.cfx) I think I have some fx show using this version 11

B.Projects, 5 years ago

Thank you Vincent :)

chaver, 5 years ago

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