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B.Projects | 5 years ago | 2 comments | 1,256 views

Hi Michiel after seeing big improvements Bluffttitler, you should think about going further.
It would be interesting that you contacted ( so that they give support to BluffTitler export.
Many people use Bojou to Trackear your home videos and to export the camera path layer or cinema 4d after-party effect, there then enter text or model

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I'm sure one of the export formats Boujou offers can easily be converted into a BT show file. When you send us a short video with its Boujou data in a few formats we will try to convert it for you.

michiel, 5 years ago

The time I can rob you in the future to prepare me to file Boujou BluffTitler is a valuable time I would like to continue to improve the program as they have been doing so far.
Boujou be exported in text format. BluffTitler icon project can be opened with the IE browser. where you can make changes to the camera layer.
since I have a little time makes an experiment

B.Projects, 5 years ago

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