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carlo | 12 years ago | 5 comments | 5 likes | 7,077 views

mufasaxx, michiel, abcodie and 2 others like this!

BMP 2 EPS ist Klasse !
Hier mein Lorbeer-Kranz.
Vielen Dank maddis

Download media files (10.1 KB)

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Well done! I do alot of memorial tribute videos and I love the gold wreath. Can I put a video/image where the "50" is and have it revolve??

If so how? (I'm a noobie).

mufasaxx, 12 years ago

You can delete the "50" by:
-selecting layer 4
-pressing the DELETE ACTIVE LAYER button

You can add a picture layer by:
-pressing the ADD PICTURE LAYER.. button

You can revolve the picture by:
-animating the ROTATION property of the picture layer

michiel, 12 years ago

Der Erklaerung in english kann ich nichts mehr
hinzufuegen. Danke Michiel.

carlo, 12 years ago

Simple can be so powerfull! Just really nice...

Tukkermando, 12 years ago


Sorry to take so long, but thanks so much for your assistance.

mufasaxx, 12 years ago

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