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wilcovr | 12 years ago | 3 comments | 2,001 views

It there an fx file for deviding an picture layer in x equals parts and set a specific space between the parts.


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You can use the MODEL REPEAT property to split a picture layer.

You can use the SIZE property to set the distance between the parts.

michiel, 12 years ago

Hi Michiel,

Thank you for your quick response (as always).

That is not exactly what I try to create.
The model repeat repeats the image. What I need is that just like the split.fx that an image is plit into X segments and with a distance slider enter the spacin between the parts.


wilcovr, 12 years ago

You can use the filters\ModelRepeatMask.fx effect to do that.

Make sure the MODEL REPEAT property matches the MODEL REPEAT property.

michiel, 12 years ago

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