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SMSgtRod | 3 years ago | 4 comments | 696 views

Experimenting and having a ball. Did one of my own T-Shirt shows but I want to know this.

How can you control the anchor points of the flag halyard (cord)?

I can rotate, change thickness, adjust length but nothing I have tried allows me to move the ends of the cord to a specific point and anchor it. Say as in a clothes line and want to attach each end to an object.

Appreciate any assistance you can give.


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Maybe you are looking for the FLAG POSITION property. Increase this value to raise the flag.

This show from the installer demonstrates its use:

michiel, 3 years ago

No sir. What I'm trying to figure out has to do with the cord only.

Is there a way to anchor (secure) the ends of the cord to an object??


SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

By cleverly using the POSITION, ROTATION and CORD LENGTH properties you can connect the cord to any 2 points.

Here's an example from the installer:

It is not possible to anchor the cord to another layer.

michiel, 3 years ago

Thanks michiel....that was the conclusion I was coming to.....takes a bit of jockeying around....


SMSgtRod, 3 years ago

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