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snafu | 3 years ago | 6 comments | 677 views

I am using sketchtup 2015, and want to convert models into .X to be used in BluffTitler.

But I need the Plugin 3DRad.

Could anyone tell me where to get it?.

Thank you in advance.

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tayla, 3 years ago

Thank you Tayla but is this the Plugin for Skechtup?

It looks is a progran itself, if it is a plugin, how do you install it into sketchup?

snafu, 3 years ago

Windows7 config:

vincent, 3 years ago

It's been a while since I loaded it into Sketchup, but what I can remember it does come with installation instructions, just download and place the plugin into the Sketchup folder.

If you get stuck send me a pm and maybes we could hook up on Skype so I can walk you through it.

tayla, 3 years ago

Thank you Vincent.

Anyway, it takes a long time to convert models into .X, is there any other way?

snafu, 3 years ago

Yes, i noticed that Sketchup takes a lot of time to convert to .x format.
Cinema 4D converts very fast but a little expansive if is just used to convert.

vincent, 3 years ago

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