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misterbrains | 3 years ago | 7 comments | 823 views

I can't seem to make a freaking cubemap. Horizontal cross, run-of-the-mill, BluffTitler compatible .dds.
Using the old Nvidia tool, using Intel Textureworks, Gimp.
Is it my settings?
Is it my rotten brain?
I can't get over this speed bump and would appreciate getting tipped in the right direction.


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Thank you, Selina,
I can make a .dds, I just can't make one that works in BT with those tools. It's all me, I'm sure, but this stuff is obtuse, written by soulless programmers. CubeMapGen is a much easier interface. At least I'm getting immediate results.


misterbrains, 3 years ago

why don't you use Bixorama ?

vincent, 3 years ago

Hi Selena,
Working better but I'm still poking around too much. Trying to do this at work with people leaning over me doesn't help. This can certainly be done with CubeMapGen, but not being conversant in it means fiddling, et j'en ai marre.
It'll look better in the morning.

& I downloaded the trial of Bixorama, but this is all snowballing into more time than the conversion is worth when I can key in the background with an editing app. I was just hoping to substitute one file and keep moving.

misterbrains, 3 years ago

Well, that's why we developed our own tool.

In Bixorama, converting a horizontal cross to DDS is as easy as choosing 2 menu items:

FILE > Import 360° photo > Horizontal cross...

followed by:

FILE > Export 360° photo > DirectX DDS...

michiel, 3 years ago

Thank you. It is easy. My problem is understanding proper workflow and tools. Generating a correct cross in the first place is where I fail. Going from full image to a horizontal cross to a .dds seems to me like it ought to be three to four steps. If it isn't, and I have a deadline, and I'm not as conversant with BT as I'd like, I figure out a different way. Stopping to buy more software won't impress my boss today.
BT is an excellent tool for what I do, yet I'm sure I could do everything more efficiently. I'll try Bixorama.

misterbrains, 3 years ago

What do you mean with "full image"?

Realize that it's impossible to turn a normal 2D photo into a cubemap.

You require a 360° camera to create cubemaps.

michiel, 3 years ago

And of course it's too easy now.
Thanks, again.

misterbrains, 3 years ago

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