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michiel | 5 years ago | 9 comments | 8 likes | 2,047 views

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Amazing instruction videos are published on YouTube. Here's a Russian tutorial by Vasjakotov how to create a vulcano island.

Please do not hesitate to publish non-English tutorials in this community. Feel free to speak any language you like and NEVER worry about your English.

Zo, dat wilde ik even zeggen :/

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In this video Vasjakotov demonstrates how to create swells:

michiel, 5 years ago

The Swells are very inventive: to attach the ParticleFilmstripAdditive effect with smoke filmstrip texture to a "float in water" text layer of dashes is a great idea.

And the brilliance, it left room to improve on it: like flexibility and writer property to make it grow and change form.

komies, 5 years ago

Very good way! Thank you, michir share!

liuyongcai, 5 years ago

Good idea for a realistic result.

vincent, 5 years ago

Thank you for the likes, but all credits must go to Vasjakotov. Let's hope he joins this community soon!

michiel, 5 years ago

Ulli was a precursor for vulcano

vincent, 5 years ago

Yes you are right. Long Live Ulli!!!

michiel, 5 years ago

Great, a pity that my russian is not wat it used to be :-)

Filip, 5 years ago

Very good tutorials!

@ Vincent and Michiel

Thank you so much for your kind words! :-)))

Ulli, 5 years ago

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