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PIR | 4 years ago | 1 comment | 613 views

Hi all I'm a newish user to Bluff and loving it so far ... Lots to learn and trying to do so :-)

I have updated to the latest version and i still have this issue in the V11 folder I can't see any icons at all ... I can only see black rectangles .. is it just me or am I doing something wrong .
Not sure how to include a screen capture in here to show you but if anyone can help that would be appreciated ... I can see the icons in all the other folders btw ... It's only the V11 folder that is icon free.

kind regards Vin

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Ah :-) Much appreciate the reply Selina thank you :-)
I'm really loving this software but have yet to really get to grips with it ... Once I do I plan on producing some tutorials for others to learn also.

PIR, 4 years ago

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