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AndrewC | 11 years ago | 2 comments | 1,861 views

Hello there

First of all, I really like BT. It's a great program, however there are a few things that prevent me using it more.

1) Short-cut keys for the settings. Dragging sliders is cumbersome and entering co-ordinates is slow.

2) The type of keyframe interpolation is a real problem for me. Using bezier, the motion never stops, using acc/dec it's never smooth. (Just smoothing would be great). I'd really like to see it selectable for each keyframe.

3) Nested containers

4) Import layers - It would be great to create a container, define it's movement, etc. then import it into another BT project.


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Thank you for your feature requests!

michiel, 11 years ago

Regarding the keyframe interpolation, do the animation in bits as separate files, and then stitch them together at the end.

Per, 11 years ago

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