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Gallower | a year ago | 4 comments | 580 views

I have used Bluff Titler for several years and been very happy and thought it about time to upgrade. Having spent circa £50 for the upgrade and Bixpack 22 I am now informed that my Nvidia Ge Force 9600 GT graphics card does not run DirectX 11 and I must buy something like the nVidia GTX 960 for circa £200 in order to take advantage of my new template.

It would have been nice to know this before I parted with my money as I have now wasted £50!

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it's a pity you used this gallery for the 1st time to complaint because the subject was widely approached HERE when V12 was released..... more than 2 years ago!.

vincent, a year ago

I agree with vincent. That was subject of comments two years ago. After relese V 12 there are more features and application works better.

ID Production, a year ago

Gallower, sorry to hear that Bixpack 22 does not run optimal because your graphics card is not fully DirectX 11 compatible.

We can do 2 things:
1) You promise to delete the templates and we give you a refund
2) You keep the templates so you can use them immediately when you upgrade your system

About the cost of a DirectX 11 graphics card, realize that rendering time also costs money. For this reason, a more expensive card that renders faster can be cheaper in the end!

And about the system requirements, they can be found here:

michiel, a year ago

I am an average Video Club member working on my own productions and do not follow in detail the activities of all the software components that I use.

Perhaps this was discussed two years ago but how was I to know?

There should be a clear and prominent warning on the purchase page that a Graphics card with "DirectX 11" capability is required.

As Michiel suggests, having a Bluff Titler upgrade and an excellent BixPack 22, I might as well live with my mistake until my next hardware upgrade.

Gallower, a year ago

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