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jeablu | 2 years ago | 3 comments | 516 views

In a former time, we had the opportunity through a link on the homepage, to list all the articles and tutorials published on the site from the beginning, which was a quick search help to access a "" in order to use by the example effect specific fx (cfx).
Currently searching in the database of the community requires to put good keywords, it is not always easy.
My question: the list of published subjects still exists ?, if yes, how to access. Thank you

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This page was once removed because the number of articles made the page far too big.

Why doesn't the search functionality work for you?

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you Michiel, yes I use the search functionality proposed, but to learn and use the possibilities of BluffTitler from examples and tutorials published to choose good keywords, it is not always easy and it certainly no find an example useful.
Since 2009, I learned a lot by using the list of articles published on the site, the title of each article was explicit with a ranking in alphabetical order.
For example, a case used in my projects of 2010 'Transparency with Particle and Plasma layer' (transportation of a person) found in the list of published articles, author Ramman 2009 show
With the current method, I have certainly not found having not necessarily put the right keywords. If I have the idea of "Transparency" in current research, I found 244 articles which the Ramman of 2009; also getting good search results isn't so not obvious.
In conclusion, it is shame not to have access to all of the articles with the possibility of "loading show", because it is a remarkable database.
Maybe I don't apply the good method of research.

jeablu, 2 years ago

Maybe filtering on DOWNLOADS helps. This can be done with the category dropdown.

michiel, 2 years ago

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