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michiel | 13 years ago | 12 comments | 9 likes | 10,962 views

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We've just invented a great new effect that I'm very excited about!

In the current version, when you attach a particle layer to a picture layer, the particles are launched from all non-transparent pixels.

In the next version, the particle layer will feature a LAUNCH COLOUR and a LAUNCH COLOUR TOLERANCE property. With those properties you can instruct the particle layer only to launch particles from a specific colour range.

This effect is great fun, especially with live video! (using the video capture layer) In the above screenshot the LAUNCH COLOUR has been set to yellow. This way the particles are only launched from the yellow tennis ball. The green background has been made transparent by using the the ChromaKey.fx effect. The star field is another picture layer.

I'm sure you can think of lots of other cool effects.

How about making your red eyes glow?

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Very cool Michiel! This next version sounds very nice indeed.

JimH, 13 years ago

Will your next version fix this problem?

JimH, 13 years ago


michiel, 13 years ago

Can't keep teasing us !

oldman1, 13 years ago

Awesome! Can't wait to play with this one! Thanks so much Michiel!!!

stcyhood, 13 years ago

This is really cool stuff too.

Is there documentation or a tutorial anywhere that I can view about using the ChromaKey.fx effect?

IBMedia, 11 years ago

Try this greenscreen effect:

michiel, 11 years ago

Thanks Michiel.

IBMedia, 11 years ago

Hi Michiel.
Where do I find the Chroma Key effect. I've searched everywhere to no avail.
Thanks for all your help in the past.
Little Nac (Kefford)

Little Nac, 11 years ago

You will find it in this article

IBMedia, 11 years ago

Thank you.
I have also just found the Green Screen Key effect. I think it seems to work better than the Chroma key. Having said that, all our work is done with the Green Screen.
Thanks again.

Little Nac, 11 years ago

Yes, Michiel said that the Green Screen is better, but I was interested in the Chroma Key for situations where I have to use video in which I don't have control of the background.

IBMedia, 11 years ago

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