Community help

This page explains how to use the BluffTitler community.


This community is about the BluffTitler app. At any time you can download the latest version here.

How do I play and download a show?

For articles that offer a Download media files button, perform the following steps:

  • Click Download media files
  • Save this .zip file onto your hard disk
  • Unzip the .zip file
  • Find and double click the .bt file
  • The BluffTitler player will now start and run the show

Associate .bt files with BluffTitler

The BluffTitler installer teaches Windows to associate .bt show files with BluffTitler. This makes Windows automatically start BluffTitler when you double click on a .bt show file (or click on a .bt file in a web browser). If this does not work you can teach Windows this association yourself by performing the following steps:

  • Find a .bt show file on your hard disk.
  • Right-click on this .bt file, select Open With, click Choose Default Program and select BluffTitler.exe.

Next to double clicking the .bt file, you can also play the show by dropping the .bt file onto BluffTitler's render window or by using the menu item FILE > Open show...

Storing the media files

You can place the shows anywhere you like, but we advise your to store them in a folder outside the c:\program files folder. For example: d:\BluffTitlerCommunity.

Missing media files

Sometimes artists forget to include textures or other media files resulting in an error message when opening the show. Please do not get mad when this happens. Instead give a good example by including all media files the next time you upload a show.

To prevent copyright issues, fonts are never included.

Use the latest version

If BluffTitler refuses to run the show or does not run as it should, make sure you are using the latest version. At any time you can download the latest version here.

Reloading the show

You can reload a show by pressing F5 in BluffTitler.

Clearing the cache

BluffTitler has its own internet cache. To clear the cache, choose SETTINGS > Options..., select the Internet options tab and click on the Clear cache button.


Make sure your firewall allows BluffTitler to create outgoing connections.

Anti-virus software

Make sure your anti-virus software allows BluffTitler to create outgoing connections.

Anti-spyware software

Make sure your anti-spyware software allows BluffTitler to create outgoing connections.

Allow BluffTitler to connect to the internet

Unmark the Never connect to the internet radiobutton in the Internet options tab of the SETTINGS > Options... dialog.


If you need further assistance you can contact us here

Embedding videos

The community automatically embeds videos when it recognises your link.


Make sure your link has the following format: or


Make sure your link has the following format: