Community rules

By registering to the BluffTitler community you agree to keep yourself to the following rules. Please read them carefully.

General rule

You will behave yourself in a civilized manner: you keep the discussion positive and constructive. DO NOT SHOUT

Child friendly

You will keep in mind that this site is used by people of all ages.

Outerspace Software only

This community is about apps from Outerspace Software: BluffTitler, Bixelangelo, Bixorama and Alphabix.

Uploading files

You will only upload material that you have created yourself and fully own the copyright.

This means that you will not upload material created by others, even if it is offered as free.

This also means that you will not upload 3rd party copyrighted and/or trademarked material. Spoofs are fine, but please do not upload Disney pictures, Beyonce photos and CNN logos.

By uploading material to this community you give other users the right to use it on a royalty free basis. Other users have to trust you. Do not get them in trouble by uploading copyrighted material.

You will not upload 3th party fonts, pictures, 3D models and other media files. Please only provide links to them.

You will not upload BixPack files or files from older template packs.

You will not upload executables including EXE, COM and DLL files.

You will not upload or link to material that is illegal, harmful, threatening, harassing, abusive or offensive.

No need to include files from the BluffTitler installer, like effects and textures, because we all already have those and BluffTitler has no trouble finding them.

Downloading files

You may use files from this community on a royalty free basis.

You will not distribute or sell files from this community in their original form. For example you may download a texture, use this texture to create a video file and sell this video file, but you may not sell the texture itself.


At any time you can remove your own articles and comments.

Although Outerspace Software is not responsible for the content of this community, we reserve the right to delete any article, comment or upload for any reason whatsoever. If you find any content that is objectionable then please contact us.

Commercial use

You will not use this community to promote your company and/or products.

Stay positive

This community is about possibilities. It's not about limitations. Stay positive and constructive.

Keep it simple

Do not post hacks that require a degree in computer science to make sense of it. Keep it simple and easy.

Political use

You will not use this community to promote your political views.

Criminal use

You will not use this community to promote violence, terrorism, drugs, addiction, criminal activities or racism.


You will not use bots, scripts or other automated techniques to increase views, perform queries or mine data.

Violation of the rules

Should you break the rules, your login will be disabled.

Legal disclosures

Under no circumstances will Outerspace Software, nor any administrator or moderator be liable in any way for any content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, uploaded, linked to or otherwise made available via this community.


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