Hand layer

The hands in the above screenshot are rendered with the hand layer.

What can I do with the hand layer?

With the hand layer you can render a virtual hand.

How do I add a hand layer?

Choose LAYER > Add layer > Add hand layer... to add a new hand layer.

The new hand layer can be selected from the layers dropdown to make it the active layer.


The installer comes with shows demonstrating the possibilities of the hand layer. Choose FILE > Open show... and select a show from the BluffTitler/Media/Shows/Hand folder.

To quickly switch between your own shows and the ones that came with the installer, click on the Personal and App buttons in the upper right corner of the file dialog.

Hand layer style 1

Right hand

Renders a right hand.

Left hand

Renders a left hand.

Hand layer style 2

3 Fingers

Renders 3 fingers.

4 Fingers

Renders 4 fingers.

5 Fingers

Renders 5 fingers.

Hand layer style 3


Renders the hand in a round cartoon style.


Renders the hand in a low poly blocky style.

Hand layer properties


The position of the hand.


The rotation of the hand.


The size of the hand.


The skin colour of the hand.

Specular colour

The specular colour of the hand.


The size of the specular highlights.


The transparency of the hand.


The rotation of the thumb.

Index finger

The rotation of the index finger.

Middle finger

The rotation of the middle finger.

Ring finger

The rotation of the ring finger.


The rotation of the pinky.


The thickness of the fingers.


The length of the fingers.