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BixPack 32 | Moon

The moon pack offers 30 (+11 bonus!) Moon templates. Fly in low Moon orbit over the Aristarchus crater, experience Earthrise and visit the Apollo landing sites. Play around with the high resolution colour and displacementmaps of the Moon and the Earth!

All texts, pictures and photos can be replaced with your own. All templates can be rendered in any resolution up to Full HD & 4K.

Moon, Template 19
Moon, Template 19

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The Moon pack offers 41 ready to use BluffTitler templates with a total duration of 7 minutes and 46 seconds.

Templates41(11 BONUS TEMPLATES!)
Total duration7:46
Average template duration0:11

Media files

The Moon pack contains the following media files with a total of 117 MB:

Show files41
Texture files24
EPS files1
3D model files2

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System requirements


The Moon pack uses the following 2 fonts:

1Neuropolitical Rg


The promo video of the Moon pack uses the following music (not included in the pack):



Template design

Carlos Marques

Texture design


Tom Patterson


3D model design

Ralf Bartsch

Font design

Multiple Designers

Ray Larabie

Audio design


Direction and production

Michiel den Outer


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