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NextPreviousHomeWater BT file not animating the water layer

Henry HB | a year ago | 6 comments | 584 views

Hi All, My first post as a new user.
I am using version 14.101

I tried to use .....Media\Shows\Water\ project and got this error message.
"Could not create hull shader"

I get the same error when opening any of the BT files in this folder.
Everything else animates ok except the water.

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Welcome to the community, Henry HB

Do you have a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card?
In the link are ways to find out if you do.

When you do, check under settings/options/drivers/graphics adapter that the correct one is selected.

Good luck,

komies, a year ago

Hello Henry HB, welcome to the community.

Jesus, a year ago

I have checked my directX version which is V 12. My graphics card is an older one. The water layer is still not animating as it should. I have sent a link to the screen shot of DXDIAG. See link below

Henry HB, a year ago

Your screenshot shows the SYSTEM tab. DirectX 12 is installed, but this is software and says nothing about your graphics hardware.

To find out the capabilities of your graphics card, select the DISPLAY tab. The feature level should include 11.

michiel, a year ago

This is what the display tab shows.

Henry HB, a year ago

The highest feature level is 10.1. This means that your graphics card is not 100% DirectX 11 compatible. As a result the water effect won't work.

michiel, a year ago

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