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Trouble using BluffTitler? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Top 10 most asked questions

1) Is it possible to change the texts of a BluffTitler template?

Yes. Choose EDIT > Change all texts.... Learn more

2) Is it possible to change the pictures of a BluffTitler template?

Yes. Choose EDIT > Change all textures.... Learn more

3) How do I change the font size?

You can change the font size with the Font size property. Select this property with the dropdown above the 3 sliders. Change the font size with the 1st slider.

A BluffTitler animation is built out of layers and every layer can have its own font size. Layers can be selected with the dropdown above the Play button.

4) Where can I find more BluffTitler fonts?

For more info about using fonts in BluffTitler click here.

5) Does BluffTitler come with any presets?

Yes. The installer comes with hundreds ready to use demo shows, presets and examples.

Choos FILE > Open show... to open a show. You can play the show by clicking on the Play button.

More shows can be found in the community.

BixPack offers professional royalty free templates.

6) Does BluffTitler run on my computer and is it suitable for my project?

We advise you to try the evaluation version before ordering. The purpose of the evaluation, or demo version is for you to find out if the app meets your requirements. You can download the free evaluation version here.

7) Is BluffTitler compatible with my favorite video and animation software?

The answer is yes. BluffTitler can export its animations as AVI and MP4 files. Those are widely supported video formats and every video and animation app on this planet can import at least one of those formats. You can export a show by choosing FILE > Export as video...

Tips for importing BluffTitler created videos into other software can be found here.

8) What is the best way to create a 2 hour video with lots of BluffTitler effects?

BluffTitler has been designed for the creation of short videos and special effects. We advise you to split your video into small BluffTitler projects and use your video editing app (NLE) to mix them together.

9) May I use demo shows in my own videos?


10) May I sell videos that I have made with BluffTitler?


Downloading, installing and purchasing

How can I remove the DEMO text?

When you purchase BluffTitler you receive your own personal license keys. Entering them into the app by choosing SETTINGS > Enter license keys... removes the DEMO text. Learn more about buying BluffTitler

What are the differences between the evaluation and the full version?

  • In the evaluation version the word DEMO is printed in the render window
  • The menu items FILE > Save show, FILE > Save show as..., FILE > Save show + all media files... and PRESET > Save preset as... are disabled
  • The evaluation version always starts with the about dialog and ends with the order dialog

Apart from the above limitations, all features are enabled allowing you to fully test BluffTitler before purchasing.

Is it safe to install BluffTitler?

Yes. The BluffTitler installer does NOT install new codecs, DirectShow filters, DLLs, old DirectX versions or other system files. It also does not alter the priorities of the already installed codecs and DirectShow filters. Therefore the performance of your other video and animation apps is not in danger.

Does BluffTitler run on my computer?

You can find the system requirements here. We advise you to try the evaluation version before ordering. The purpose of the evaluation, or demo version is for you to find out if the app meets your requirements.

How can I find out if my graphics card is DirectX 11 compatible?

  • Take a look at the tech specs of your graphics card.
  • Try the demo version of BluffTitler, press <Ctrl><F1> and select the DirectX tab.
  • On Windows 7, choose Start > All programs > Accessories > Run, type dxdiag, hit OK and select the Display tab. The DDI version should say at least 11.
  • On Windows 10, choose Start > Windows system > Run, type dxdiag, hit OK and select the Display tab. The Feature levels should include 11.

If you have a DirectX 10 graphics card, BluffTitler will run, but advanced features such as displacement mapping and the cube map layer will not work.

My license keys fail to work, what did I do wrong?

Enter your license keys exactly as you received them. Take care of the following:

  • Keys are case sensitive: 'Bix' is not the same as 'bix' or 'BiX'
  • Do not add spaces at the end and the beginning of the keys
  • Did your mistake a 0 (zero) for an O?

A good trick is to ask somebody else to enter your keys. For some reason it is impossible to see typing errors after staring at the same 3 words for longer than 10 seconds.

How do I uninstall BluffTitler?

Use the standard Windows SETTINGS > System > Apps & features page and run the uninstaller.


How do I upgrade to the latest version of BluffTitler?

What happens to my own shows when I install a new version?

The installer only deletes or reverts the shows that were installed by the previous installer.


How do I export a BluffTitler show?

Choose FILE > Export as video.... Learn more

What settings for exporting as video matches the quality and clarity of the show as seen in BluffTitler?

Unless you have a very fast hard disk and lots of memory, a video file is always a compromise between sharpness and smoothness:

Exporting uncompressed gives you the best possible image quality, but the files are huge and it won't play without stuttering.

Exporting compressed gives you small files and a smooth playing animation, but the individual frames look not as sharp.

For this reason exported shows will never look as good as when played in realtime by BluffTitler.

Using BluffTitler

I have problems using the interface of BluffTitler, how do I start?

Take the getting started lesson.

How do I change the background colour?

Choose FILE > Set background colour....

How do I change the font size?

You can make the texts smaller and bigger with the Font size property. When you select this property with the dropdown above the 3 sliders you can use the 1st slider to change the font size.

How do I change the texture?

Choose MEDIA > Change texture... or press <F9>.

How do I attach a particle layer to a text layer?

Select the text layer and choose LAYER > Attach layer > Attach particles to active layer....

How do I copy a container layer from one show to another?

Delete all layers except the container layer and save the show under a different name. Open the show you want the container in, press <Ctrl> M and select the container show.

How do I rearrange the order of the layers?

You do not have to: layers are automatically sorted by their distance to the camera. Only in the situation where you have more than a single 2D picture layer, manually rearranging makes sense. To move a layer up choose LAYER > Bring active layer forward.

How do I change the size of the tool window?

Move the mouse cursor to any edge or corner of the window until a double headed arrow appears. Once this arrow appears click the mouse and drag it up, down, left, right, or diagonally.

How do I make a layer temporarily invisible during the animation?

Simply move the layer to an invisible position.

Is it possible to change the random startup shows?

Yes. Choose SETTINGS > Options... and set the home page.

How can I overlay a BluffTitler animation onto a video background?

You can export an animation with transparency info (32 bits RGBA) by choosing FILE > Export as video and selecting the Uncompressed AVI with transparency radio button.

How can I access BluffTitler's cache, settings and temporary files?

Select Start > Windows System > Run and type %appdata%. Choose the folder Outerspace Software / BluffTitler.


BluffTitler refuses to work on my computer or crashes regularly, what can I do?

BluffTitler combines the latest video and 3D techniques so make sure your system is up-to-date. In our experience it is possible to fix all stability problems by performing the following steps:

  • First check out the system requirements to see if your system meets the minimum requirements.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of BluffTitler.
  • Update Windows: choose Start > Settings > Windows Update
  • Update the driver of your graphics card. This is done automatically by Windows Update. To do it manually, download the latest driver from the website of your video card's manufacturer. For example if you own a GeForce card go to and if you have a AMD (Radeon) visit Do not forget to install the driver after downloading.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Free memory and CPU usage by not running too many apps in the background.
  • Sometimes it helps playing around with the hardware acceleration slider in the control center of your graphics card.
  • Set the colour quality of your desktop to Highest (32 bit).
  • Do not push your graphics card to its limits by using the highest desktop resolution possible. By using a lower desktop resolution you save precious video memory that can be used by apps like BluffTitler. Also do not use super high resolution pictures.
  • And last but not least: do not download our software from crack sites, update your anti-virus software, your anti-spyware software and your firewall.

Shows that use big textures, video and audio files can take long to load. If the app does not respond it does not always mean that it has crashed. Sometimes patience is all you need.

How can I free precious video memory?

  • Close all other apps.
  • Use a smaller BluffTitler preview window: resize the window with your mouse.
  • Install a graphics card with more memory.
  • Do not spread your desktop over 2 monitors.
  • Do not set your desktop to the highest resolution possible.
  • Do no use super high resolution textures: do not set your photo and video cameras to maximum resolution. Or scale them down in a paint app. Or use the Max texture resolution setting in the options dialog.
  • Do not set BluffTitler to maximum quality: choose SETTINGS > Normal quality or Low quality.
  • Turn off hardware antialiasing in the control center of your graphics card.

Remember that all pictures have to be stored as uncompressed textures on your graphics card. A JPG picture might be small in bytes, but the number of pixels is the only thing that counts. For example a picture with a resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels always takes up 48 MB, no matter its filesize. And realize that by quadrupling the resolution, the number of pixels increases 4x4=16 times!!! A resolution of 1024 x 768 only requires 3 MB (3x16=48)

My NLE tool refuses to import BluffTitler generated videos.

Make sure the resolution and frame rate of your BluffTitler project matches your NLE project. Choose FILE > Set show resolution... to set the resolution and choose FILE > Export as video... to set the frame rate.

Tips for exporting your show can be found here.

I get the error message "Unable to load mfplat.dll"

Go to this page and select Version 1903 (May 2019) from the dropdown.

I get the error message "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware"

The driver of your graphics card automatically blocks an app when it takes too long to render a frame. There are 3 ways to fix this:

  • Speed up rendering by switching to a lower resolution, a lower quality, less layers, less particles, less detail,...
  • Use a more powerful graphics card and/or computer.
  • Instruct your driver to wait longer with the registry key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\GraphicsDrivers\TdrDelay. This must be a REG_DWORD and contain the max number of seconds for rendering a frame. Set it to 8 and reboot your machine. Learn more

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Having trouble running BluffTitler on a Mac using Parallels Desktop? Try switching to Microsoft Basic Render driver in the Drivers tab of the SETTINGS > Options... dialog.