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Per | 11 years ago | 6 comments | 2,063 views

Do I remember correctly, I thought you added a way to do quick columns in text by making a way to add tabulation (pressing tab)?

Didn't this happen or was i dreaming?

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I suddenly realize you apparently can't make fonts bold, underlined of strike through either - so i suppose i must have been dreaming :(

Per, 11 years ago

Tabs are supported in the LEFT composition style (1st dropdown below the textbox)

michiel, 11 years ago

Right thanks.

Is there a way to display fonts with strike through?

Per, 11 years ago


michiel, 11 years ago


Btw, perhaps it might be a good idea to enter the 'tab' information on the page which describes text layers :)

Per, 11 years ago

So, here about 2 years later I still think the documentation should be written in the documentation. (Plus 'tab' should work even if you don't have any letters in front of it)

Per, 9 years ago

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