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matty | 10 years ago | 6 comments | 8 likes | 7,177 views

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Just trying out some fun using various bits to make a clock face with moving hands for one of my nightclubs

Download media files (144.3 KB)

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ps the oval passe partout layer is because of space constraints in the night club - lighting rigs etc.

matty, 10 years ago

Wonderful job

GreenfishPete, 10 years ago

Great job matty. One question... how do you get the soft wipe effect on the circular text?



alxtronics, 10 years ago

put the text in as circle 3 and then simply do a transparency fade from 1 to 0. Make sure the flexibility is set to a good amount too - 1 or more should do it. - Also put lots of spaces after the text so it only does a part of the circle.
The bottom half was the same idea but rotate the circle 180* on the z axis and then rotate the characters 180 on the y axis to get them the right way up for the bottom half

matty, 10 years ago


alxtronics, 10 years ago

very interesting and good one

james nahar, 10 years ago

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