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NextPreviousHomeA show with embedded other bt shows for club information

matty | 10 years ago | 7 comments | 6 likes | 3,077 views

stbo, Ahmad Akbari, rickyrey and 3 others like this!

A show for a club i work in advertising various nights etc.

A few things i found out making this one:
1: the skybox using the dusk logo - to get the logo to repeat you have to set the texture repeat before you make it into a skybox and, obviously, it needs to be inside out as you are looking at the inside of a sphere.

2: I found it hard to get the videos to start at the right times by inserting blank time up untill the time i wanted them to start, I ended up doing the show as three seperate bt files and sticking them together in movie maker.

3: The coin toss for the beat the bar team was a bit of a toughie but was done by having a container with 2 eps circlse in it. 1 just behind the other by about a point. Each one then was given the front/back of a coin. - I think that show doesn't contain any dpack files/effects so hopefully i can post that bt file up here shortly.

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How did you do the 3d model of the drunk person, especially the bit where they start to (try to) walk..

Thank you for posting the tips...

stbo, 10 years ago

ah i'm afraid I can't take credit for the 2 videos used in the "safety" section - they were supplied to me by the Dorset police force as part of their drink safe campaign -
On the flip side if anyone wants a copy of one of those vids let me know - the cops want them shown in as many places as possible and as such are royalty free.

matty, 10 years ago

Hi matty - great show - I live in Yeovil, so we may be close neighbours as you mentioned Dorset - I am a BT novice and any tutorial is helpful - could you explain how you add the various animations to your background image

Thanks - Ed

Eddie, 10 years ago

hi eddie,

All the embedded animations are video files. Just choose "add layer - insert video layer" Then I simply copied the location of whatever silver square it was to be in front. (An easier way would be to make each silver square a container layer and add the video to the layer. That means you would be able to move each one along with all the text/video together - although i didn't do this as they're static)

matty, 10 years ago

matty - thanks for the explanation re: animations - I will have to spend more time getting to know BT as the shows here prove how powerful and flexible the programme can be in the hands of an experienced user

Eddie, 10 years ago

Matty -

Thia is one of the best videos I've ever seen using Blufftitler and it's not over done. All the basic information is very readable and easy to understand. Great work!
I'd like to have the short video from the police.
Once again - Great Job!

Doc6768, 10 years ago

Superb!!! love it, love it, love it!!!

rickyrey, 10 years ago

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