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JimH | 9 years ago | 4 comments | 7 likes | 3,333 views

Dani, Doc6768, sebouze and 4 others like this!

Thanks everyone for your support on this one!

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Looks better in HD... :)

JimH, 9 years ago

I created another version wherein I added the "tunnel" plasma layer to the ground just after the blast. So many amazingly simple things add so much. People think I spent days making this video when in fact it took just hours and most of that time was in final editing of the sound track.

JimH, 9 years ago

A few people have great editing skills and Jim you are one of those people. Between the power of Blufftitler and your artistic vision this is a masterpiece.

Doc6768, 9 years ago

Thanks Doc, I appreciate that feedback.

JimH, 9 years ago

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