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Scotty21015 | 9 years ago | 2 comments | 2,168 views

One Gallery Member recommended Blender and I found TrueSpace is now free. I tried both for a week now and both are difficult to learn. Do any Gallery Members have any tutorial recommendations for either that are good for getting your feet wet. I like to bring in images of say: Autos or objects and then turn them into 3D versions.

Also then I like to know if anyone has found away to mix that with pieces from Bluff or used with Bluff?

2nd question - I noticed that my moving .png image on my first project almost looks like it sticks when I loaded to Youtube?

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Search in Youtube or Vimeo for Blender! You will find an abundant amount of Tuts.

taucher1945, 9 years ago

There's a Professor from Arizona that teaches Blender and puts tutorials on YouTube. Look for user: bitsofblender

Here's his channel page:

BillyJack, 9 years ago

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