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Pioneer | 2 years ago | 3 comments | 734 views

Michiel I have found this on YouTube from OuterspaceSoftware and downloaded the files, after creating several layers to go with the monitor arm and looking at the video what do I have to do to produce the fade in and out illustrated please? Ive tried a lot to do this but sadly to no avail. Thanks again for an absorbing program.

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I think you're looking for the BRIGHTNESS property of the camera layer. Set this to 0 and everything is black.

michiel, 2 years ago

Alternatively, the FADE STAGE and FADE COLOUR properties can be used. These are also camera layer props.

michiel, 2 years ago

Thank you Michiel. I kept looking at all the layers for transparency variations but could not see any differences. Did not think to look in the camera layer. I will give that a go. Thank you once again, so much to learn. Edit worked a treat. Glad you could help from my description.

Pioneer, 2 years ago

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