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Pioneer | a year ago | 6 comments | 5 likes | 559 views

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Thanks for everybody's help so far. It is a work in progress, the people in the show I downloaded from the internet as PNG files. The wording KING GEORGE I.B,C I had to do in affinty photo to get the correct perspective on the club house blind as I could not work out how to do it in BT. comments and criticism's are welcome as always. Cheers John

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Matching the perspective is not so difficult in this case because the horizon is horizontal, in the centre and the camera is lined up with the street and building.

After setting the FIELD OF VIEW prop of the camera to 52, it's easy to add the texts and 3D models. The only props that have to be touched are POSITION, ROTATION and SIZE . And ROTATION is always a multiple of 90.

michiel, a year ago

Well done, just adding light shadows could render even more realistic.

vincent, a year ago

Thank you for the helpful advice I will experiment with your suggestions. The only thing I am not clear on is where to add and adjust the light shadows. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

John, shadows are set on the Light Layer, you can try various type of shadows, and try different position of the light layer.

vincent, a year ago

Well done, John!

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Very well done, John.

Ulli, a year ago

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