ilyas | 4 months ago | 4 comments | 211 views

first off all great respect to the ones who have given us such a classic 3d software,
i use bt regularly, but for 3d models i dont know where to get models in to bt, i am a 3ds max user then too, but can any one help me out for the same, i ll be highly thankful

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Blufftitler now accepts .obj files so you just need to write free 3d obj in Google to find different sites that distribute free resources.
Now you can use Blender and also 3Ds max to create your model.

Franco Aversa, 4 months ago

I don't use 3D max. I use sketchup. They have a library for free models. But for 3D max, maybe this will help.

Decentralized, 4 months ago

Here are my main sources of 3D objects, in free ".obj" files.
You have to try them because they are not always perfect, and sometimes it is worth spending a few $ or €!
Then as I also use blender, I sometimes import other files and export them with or without modification in ".obj".
Also check out my posts on this community, I often share media files that contain 3D.obj models.
Try the following links:
Enjoy BT!

Alex-Raymond T., 4 months ago

Great links Alex. Much appreciated.

Decentralized, 4 months ago

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