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NextPreviousHomeThe Plasma's name used in a project

jeablu | a year ago | 1 comment | 434 views

In a project, after adding a Plasma layer, templates are available (Aqua,..., Sunrise... etc), the Plasma maybe then customized by the choice of colors and the gradient value.
It would be interesting that the "name" (Aqua... Sunrise...) is indicated in the technical information of the project (Ctrl + F1), which is not the case currently, only the term "Plasma" is indicated.
This would resume, if desired, the same model of Plasma for a new project.

My question: is it possible in a project to find the name of the used Plasma?

Thank you
win10, BT PRO version 14.1

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With CTRL + F1 you can see which style (A = first dropdown)(B = second dropdown) but that is it.

YOU CAN save your own presets and make presets from other shows and give them a name to your licking.

Go to the plasma layer on the first keyframe and select Menu / Save preset as..

Good luck and have fun.

komies, a year ago

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