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Jeep35 | a year ago | 10 comments | 2 likes | 565 views

gato@mo and LostBoyz like this!

Could we imagine personalized extrusions like this one in BluffTitler ? These are done from a bezier curves process in DaVinci Resolve.

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can you do this!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Hi Franco,
Yes of course I can do this in DaVinci my question was "is it possible in the future to have specific extrusions in BT like the one I've shown in this video ?"

The font used is Showtime but as you have noticed, the depth of the font is linearized and, presentely, it's not possible with BT, we can only have straight or beveled depths, not stylized ones.

Jeep35, a year ago

it would be nice even on extruded eps, draw a profile line!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

As to be sure you understand my question here is how DaVinci makes a specific extrusion of a text. It uses bezier curves to draw the profile of the extrusion.

Jeep35, a year ago

and here is the font as seen from the top

Jeep35, a year ago

I would make a few copies and attach them to the same container layer.

michiel, a year ago

Here is another example of specific extrusion

Jeep35, a year ago

and the bezier to get it is like that

Jeep35, a year ago

Maybe not the style you're looking for but you can come close with BT!

Filip, a year ago

Thank you Filip. The best should be that we could find this feature in BT

Jeep35, a year ago

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