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Jeep35 | 3 months ago | 11 comments | 1 like | 252 views

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I'm trying a new software able to generate 3D textures up to 8K with a lot of parameters.
Once setting is complete, I may export the result in different formats.
My question is : how to use these formats in BluffTitler to have a 3D texture ?

As example, here is a zip file containing all the formats for a floor texture which could be used with the future buildings.

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You can use the displacement map and specular map.
what is this software called?
I use Filter Forge, here my tutorial (for use the map in BluffTitler):

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

Finally I get more realism with the diffuse + displacement formats together

Jeep35, 3 months ago

Another example

Jeep35, 3 months ago

Finally, i've seen that we can output a colormap format then it becomes easier
A new example of a wet mud as seen in BluffTitler.

Jeep35, 3 months ago

Last example

Jeep35, 3 months ago

you did not write the name of the software...

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

Nice textures!

Don't forget to use some specularity: use the SPECULARITY property.

And play around with the POSITION property of the light layer.

michiel, 3 months ago


Its freeware!

Filip, 3 months ago

The software I test is in development so I'll tell you more later.

Jeep35, 3 months ago

Jeep in the textures...

Dani, 3 months ago

Thanks Filip,
I had tried it too, very useful, thanks.

Franco Aversa, 3 months ago

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