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( : funtime..

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Franco Aversa, a month ago

Wow a real Dani show! Nice colors. Love your shows.

Filip, a month ago

Titrage sophistiqué bravo Dani

PAT67, a month ago

Nice show Dani!

vincent, a month ago

Dani, wow! How did you make the glowing grid lines?

It’s fun to see such high level technique!

IntroChamp, a month ago

Big thank you for all of you...for your love..

Joel... it's a particle layer drop down (3D cubes) with a flare ...applied Scanlines.cfx...

Dani, a month ago

Un show interesante y muy bien realizado Dani

persiana, a month ago

Thank you persiana...

Dani, a month ago

Yay! Thanks for sharing!

IntroChamp, a month ago


chaver, a month ago

Another Dani Super Show.....

SMSgtRod, a month ago

Great show, Dani! I like the glowing lines.

Ulli, a month ago

Very cool)

Sma, a month ago

Dani, I tried to reproduce the grid but I couldn't. Could you kindly explain how you did it? Thank you

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Top Show Dani 👍🏻

elvis66, a month ago

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