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Babe34 | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments | 10 likes | 250 views

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This show is (once again) created from a tutorial of Franco Aversa. The texture of the road and the EPS used for the camera path are originals from Franco (A very big thank you Franco).
The idea of using a colourmap to scroll image in a screen is from Vincent (merci pour l'idée).

Download media files (201.4 KB)

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Very nice.Thank you for sharing

chaver, 2 weeks ago

Super! Merci.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

Magnifique un grand merci pour le partage

maggico, 2 weeks ago

Good example of using different techniques Bluff offers. Great instructive show

lightads, a week ago

Cool, thank you Babe34 ! :)

LostBoyz, a week ago

Beautiful work. I am honored that you mention me every time, I should also mention a large list of friends from the BluffTitler community each time as I learned all the things here.
I would like it if you shared these videos on my facebook page or mentioned them on my YT channel (sorry for the spam but 50% of the videos on my channel talk about BT).

Franco Aversa, a week ago

Merci Franco et Babe34 pour le partage

PAT67, a week ago

Very nice show and good work, Babe! 👍

Ulli, a week ago

Thank you all for your support and comments.
Franco, I used part of your work. It would not be fair, if i don't name you. I will try to connect to your YT channel.

Babe34, a week ago

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