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I build a card game show. The cards and the box were created in a paint application. The box is realized according to a tutorial of Franco Aversa. Mille Grazie Franco!


Download media files (444.5 KB)

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Très bien réalisé, merci.

vincent, 2 months ago

Nice. Thank you

lightads, 2 months ago

Very good.Thank you very much :)

chaver, 2 months ago

Superbe! J'ai joué et j'y ai même gagné un téléchargement !
Merci Babe34, pour le partage !

Alex-Raymond T., 2 months ago

Muy bien realizado

persiana, 2 months ago

Merci Babe34 pour le partage.

Eddy, 2 months ago

Thanks for nominating me. In reality I have learned so much from everyone in this community, so I like to divulge what I learn and that is the result of everything others tell me or tests that I do too.
For the box, for example, Komies helped me a lot, explaining how I could "stretch" the texture
Sharing is a fundamental thing because an idea transforms and acquires a new image and gets bigger. This is the only way to grow.
So thanks Babe34 and thanks to all the friends of the BluffTitler community.

Franco Aversa, 2 months ago

Well done and thank you!

Ulli, 2 months ago

Great show love the cards!

Filip, 2 months ago

Merci beaucoup

pourmoi1, 2 months ago

Partager c'est un atout et ça rebat les cartes.
Merci Babe34

PAT67, 2 months ago

I learnt a lot from the members of this Community. So, sharing is like saying a big "thank you" to you all.
Thanks you very muchfor your comments
Babe 34

Babe34, 2 months ago

Awesome show! Thank you for sharing!

stcyhood, 2 months ago

Thank you stcyhood

Babe34, 2 months ago

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