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Babe34 | 11 months ago | 14 comments | 8 likes | 423 views

michiel, Dani, SparkyVegas and 5 others like this!

I build a card game show. The cards and the box were created in a paint application. The box is realized according to a tutorial of Franco Aversa. Mille Grazie Franco!


Download media files (444.5 KB)

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Très bien réalisé, merci.

vincent, 11 months ago

Nice. Thank you

lightads, 11 months ago

Very good.Thank you very much :)

chaver, 11 months ago

Superbe! J'ai joué et j'y ai même gagné un téléchargement !
Merci Babe34, pour le partage !

Alex-Raymond T., 11 months ago

Muy bien realizado

persiana, 11 months ago

Merci Babe34 pour le partage.

Eddy, 11 months ago

Thanks for nominating me. In reality I have learned so much from everyone in this community, so I like to divulge what I learn and that is the result of everything others tell me or tests that I do too.
For the box, for example, Komies helped me a lot, explaining how I could "stretch" the texture
Sharing is a fundamental thing because an idea transforms and acquires a new image and gets bigger. This is the only way to grow.
So thanks Babe34 and thanks to all the friends of the BluffTitler community.

Franco Aversa, 11 months ago

Well done and thank you!

Ulli, 11 months ago

Great show love the cards!

Filip, 11 months ago

Merci beaucoup

pourmoi1, 11 months ago

Partager c'est un atout et ça rebat les cartes.
Merci Babe34

PAT67, 11 months ago

I learnt a lot from the members of this Community. So, sharing is like saying a big "thank you" to you all.
Thanks you very muchfor your comments
Babe 34

Babe34, 11 months ago

Awesome show! Thank you for sharing!

stcyhood, 10 months ago

Thank you stcyhood

Babe34, 10 months ago

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