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NextPreviousHomeHow can I have slideshow with images and videos

SamSaam | 10 years ago | 1 comment | 4,761 views

I am here at last , and very happy.
The signage proficiency of blufftitler is very attractive for me.

I want to make a realtime show for showing my pictures,videos and play some text effects on top of them, my data are dynamic and I want show all images and videos one by one and read my text from xml.
videos duration and size(width,height) are indeterminate and not equal.

for example:
Data directory is C:\temp:

0.asf properties:
width:1920 pixels
height:1080 pixels
Audio codec:mp3
video codec: wmv2

0.jpg properties:

in version 8pro :
I have codec for playing videos and blufftitler can play each of them but with lag.

I make a show with dynamic text from my xml; it is excellent.
now I build effect for my texture, and put
error message:
Could not open:
now I put:
it is ok but can only play pictures.

I noticed that BT can play stream because it reads my webcam and shows live videos,
Even it can show stream from http:// like:

I thought "vlc player" can show my pictures and videos in streaming mode locally.
I make a batch file:
vlc "C:\temp\0.asf" "C:\temp\0.jpg" "C:\temp\1.asf" "C:\temp\1.jpg" "C:\temp\2.asf" "C:\temp\2.jpg" --sout=#transcode{vcodec=WMV2,vb=800,scale=1,width=800,height=600,acodec=wma2,ab=64,channels=1,samplerate=22500}:std{access=http{mime=video/x-asf-stream},mux=asf,dst=localhost:8080} --loop

now if I use another vlc player or windows media player with url:http://localhost:8080 can show my videos and picture but with lag.
but BT can not never.
when I put
texture-->http://localhost:8080 or http://localhost:8080/
it said:
warning: unknown file format for "http://localhost:8080/"
I don't know why it can not show my stream?
I put in the texture-->C:\temp\0.asf and play with loop, it is very good that BT plays my show until the end of duration and loads another xml element with the remaining of video not from the start of video.
I wish BT could show all the pictures and videos in a directory like a single solid stream.

I made an new xml and put
for each item.
and in texture-->
it is ok and BT can show text,images and videos. But I must find lengthy videos and set my show duration to it.
I wish BT had an ability for recognizing video and sound length, and (stretch/shrink/solid) show or read the duration value from xml.

what is the best roadmap?

for signage I hope v8+ has xml playlist for binding data, with custom name,duration,transition,(random/alphabetic/sort),(solid/shrink/stretch),sound,text,...

or you can do something like this:
a show with 00:00:05 duration
texture-->{Images:*4*.jpg}{Dir:C:\temp\}{Mode:random }{iDuration:00:00:03}{Dmode:shrink}{Transition:fade}

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The current version BT does not read the mime types so it does not know what to do with URLs ending on /

Thank you for your feature requests and inspiring feedback. If possible it would be great if you could show some (YouTube?) videos of your projects in this gallery!

michiel, 10 years ago

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