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NextPreviousHomeBix Pack 34 - Problem whit 5 templates

GaspareNet | 11 months ago | 9 comments | 290 views

I bought the Bix Pack 34. The first 5 templates don't work well.
Ex. In the templates 04_Gift_Photo you don't see all the layers from 41 onwards, even the image is not found by the program.
in practice the packages are missing in the first seconds of the templates.
I enclose an image where we see that the file FamilyPhotoHD.jpg is present in media / Textures / FamilyPhotoHD.jpg but BT does not find it
This happens only for the first 5 templates, the others work well.

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That's a strange issue.

Do you get any error messages?

And are you using the latest version of BluffTitler?

michiel, 11 months ago

I only get the message that the font is missing because I didn't install that font.

GaspareNet, 11 months ago


FamilyPhotoHD.jpg is rendered by template 4, layer 19 using the Filters\SoftBorder effect.

What happens when you remove this effect? (select layer 19, press <F9> and clear the effect)

michiel, 11 months ago

SoftBorder deleted, now the image is present!
The first 2.5 seconds in the video there is nothing, levels 41 to 51 are missing

The image problem is also present on other templates, canceling the effect applied to that image is solved.
I downloaded the zip version of the program

GaspareNet, 11 months ago


This must be the same issue as this one:

I advise you to delete the effects folder and do a re-install

michiel, 11 months ago

now everything is OK!

GaspareNet, 11 months ago

Glad to hear that.

Enjoy the new templates!

michiel, 11 months ago

It was the thing that I had also reported. With The preloaded GradientFeader effect it did not accept other images that remained transparent. Once the effect is removed, the image is visible again.

Franco Aversa, 11 months ago

Franco, do not touch the Effects folder and you'll be fine: do not add, delete, move, rename or edit effect files.

If you did so in the past: delete the Effects folder and do a re-install.

We will add functionality to the next release to validate the Effects folder and give a warning when it has been touched.

michiel, 11 months ago

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