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cheyenne | a month ago | 18 comments | 6 likes | 280 views

maggico, michiel, liuyongcai and 3 others like this!

Bon dimanche un petit voyage au Far west

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Awesome Cheyenne. I don't even know where to begin to tell you what a great job you have done, Obviously a tremendous amount of work and thought has gone in to many subtle details. You 'nailed' the smoke trail from the train engine and I liked how you added the tumbleweed :-) Keep up the great work and stay safe and healthy.

MrGruntHunter, a month ago

Fantastique visite!

vincent, a month ago

Merci MrGruntHunter et Vincent pour vos encouragements ,il est exact qu'il y a beaucoup de travail, une semaine de boulot en travaillant quelques heures par jour ...
je mets à disposition 2 modèles 3d le train et le wagon ..
Rester également en bonne santé amitiés

cheyenne, a month ago

Extraordinario show, me encanta

persiana, a month ago

This is a wonderful Western Town and Show, Cheyenne.
I like it.

Ulli, a month ago

Merci persiana et Ulli

cheyenne, a month ago

Super présentation et grand merci pour le partage

maggico, a month ago

Merci Maggico

cheyenne, a month ago

Great work!

But why don't you add titles to your little stories?

BluffTitler happens to be very good at creating titles 😉

michiel, a month ago

What a show! The details! love it!.
Thnx for the models!

Filip, a month ago

What a great show Cheyenne. A lot of props and elements make this a great show. You put a lot of work into this one, well done.

lightads, a month ago

Merci Michiel une belle affiche au début de la vidéo Super je vais y penser
Merci Filip et lightads

cheyenne, a month ago

Merci cheyenne pour ce cadeau. A+

Eddy, a month ago

De rien Eddy amitiés

cheyenne, a month ago

Belle ambiance de l'ouest américain.
Merci pour la distribution de la loco et du wagon

PAT67, 3 weeks ago

michiel voila j'ai mis un titre a ma vidéo
Merci Pat67

cheyenne, 3 weeks ago

Yes, very good. Every video deserves a title!

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Merci Michiel

cheyenne, 3 weeks ago

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