NextPreviousHomewith 64bit version is it possible to have new layers?

SamSaam | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments | 167 views

Dear developers,
After many improvements till now, Would you please add a webview layer too?
thank you

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I think I would use a screen capture app like Movavi, record my browser window and animate the resulting video in BluffTitler using a video layer.

michiel, 2 weeks ago

but I want to use it with player mode in realtime.

SamSaam, 2 weeks ago

Not only realtime but also interactive I assume. Looks like you are pushing the limits of the app here. Why don't you post a few videos of your work in this community? I'd be very interested to see how you use BluffTitler!

michiel, 2 weeks ago

Using OBS configured to use a Window (or Display) Capture of your Browser and running the VirtualCam plugin - not the new built-in Virtual Camera, sadly - you can go to the texture dialog of any layer and choose Select webcam...

Works great. Easier done with 2 monitors but with practice can be done with 1.

samson, a week ago

Interesting. I would love to see a video of that!

michiel, a week ago


samson, a week ago

Nice tech demo, but I was hoping you would show us one of your BluffTitler powered realtime interactive apps.

michiel, a week ago

To be clear, I'm not the OP SamSaam. I saw the Unity video question and your responses seemed to infer he was after full interactivity from the bluff player while I thought he just wanted to interact with a live web browser while bluff was playing. I didn't see him specifically talk about embedding this is an app.

I described a potential solution and created the video to demonstrate the concept, nothing more.

Myself, I prefer to use Bluff as a source for OBS, not the other way around. It provides outstanding real-time effects that look great in Zoom meetings.

samson, a week ago

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