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agpvn | 4 months ago | 13 comments | 8 likes | 377 views

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May your Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of covered ones near, and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness. ... I LOVE BLUFFTITLER FAMILY

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Thanks for sharing agpvn, and a Merry Christmas to you!

SparkyVegas, 4 months ago

Thanks SparkyVegas, Merry Christmas to you !

agpvn, 4 months ago

Awesome show.
Thank you so much for sharing, agpvn and Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones!

Ulli, 4 months ago

Which codec are you using?

snafu, 4 months ago

Thank you Agpvn for sharing with us. Its always nice when the show is shared and I for one can see how it is put together, it really helps me understand how to use the program in greater depth. Season greetings and Cheers John

Pioneer, 4 months ago

Thnx Agpvn for sharing nice show. Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Filip, 4 months ago

Great show.Thank you very much for sharing Agpvn .Merry Christmas

chaver, 4 months ago

Thank You Agpvn. This was very kind of you to share this nice show. Greatly Appreciated!
I did change the word 'ROUND' to 'THROUGH' (or could use 'THRU') just to make it rhyme better :-) although I don't know what would work the best in other languages.

MrGruntHunter, 4 months ago

Thank you agpvn for sharing this show and a Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

Eddy, 4 months ago

Thanks to all my friend to sending Christmas Greetings .
@Snafu: Code you can see in Folder Codec of Templates. You must setup codec is Blufftitler will open Video.

Merry Christmas to All My Friend

agpvn, 4 months ago

Feliz Navidad para ti y tu Familia. Gracias agpvn, por compartir en esta hermosa navidad, Dios te ilumine hoy y siempre.

Jesus, 4 months ago

Thanks Jesus , Merry Christmas

agpvn, 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing agpvn, and a Merry Christmas to you!

E-VAG, 4 months ago

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