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linea_abierta | 2 months ago | 1 comment | 146 views

Greetings, well I do not know how it works as it reads an xml, what I want to know and test is,
1.- DynamicContent, if I play the show in a loop, this will make it read the hard disk over and over again in each loop to read the xml, it will always work the hard disk, or it will read every time I save a change in the file xml?
2.- There will be a way to change the texts or images directly in blufftitler, that is to say fill the text field, let's say through a web command, script or something like that without having to save the xml file on the hard disk.
I hope I explained well, excuse me, it's a google translation

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When you unmark the CACHE XML FILES checkbox in the INTERNET tab of the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog, the XML file is downloaded again for every loop.

An effective way is to generate the XML file by an online script (like for example PHP) that takes the data from a database. Another script can be used to manage the database:

Editor -> PHP -> DB -> PHP -> XML -> BT

michiel, 2 months ago

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