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New video and audio by me...back in track after illnes!

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So this is just Part 1?

komies, a year ago

Some good things but too long in my opinion (>1h!), you will not be able to capture the viewer's attention for as long.

vincent, a year ago

yeah i know that
im just playing music here and back from illnes didnt do nothing seriously but soon expect boom with iclone combination

bambamD, a year ago

ok i understand, no problem.

vincent, a year ago

thx vincent you are the know we members here support eachothers in bad in good times.

bambamD, a year ago

Stay healthy and...creative.

Filip, a year ago

Music is a good therapy.

vincent, a year ago

Thanks to all! Wish to all members good health, long living and quite good mood & fun like all off us did here. Fun did creativity, make boost your inspiration and some great ideas like chiefs Michiels dream about software, technology, programming, a years of hard work put us in real OUTERSPACE.

bambamD, a year ago

Good health to you BambamD!

Original concept to slow down the templates. I feel stretching 3 seconds to 6 minutes (17:00 to 23:30) is a bit too much. But maybe when you slow down the BPM as well it could work and turn it into an hypnotizing video. Good luck with your experiments!

michiel, a year ago

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