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bambamD | a year ago | 8 comments | 2 likes | 532 views

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New presentation possibilities ICLONE7 DEMOS!

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Don't see the additive value of Iclone in combination with Blufftitler and it's not cheap and user friendly
as BluffTitler.

Filip, a year ago

Nice ambience music/video but seems based more on Iclone than BT.

vincent, a year ago

Why would someone present IClone and other programs in a Blufftitler community? Just sayin"!

DanaM, a year ago

Ma questa non e una comunità di BluffTitler

nonnogio, a year ago

nonnogio ??????? The title above this community: "BluffTitler community"

Filip, a year ago

So bene che qui si parla di BluffTitler, non capisco quale apporto può dare IClone ad un programma molto completo quale appunto BluffTitler.

nonnogio, a year ago

I dont want to promote IClone here just to give you expression what BluffTitler can add more effect agains IClone. IClone dont have such nice interface as BluffTitler and i like Bluff like my own child. That is a matther too use special effects in any program you use to make filming. For me BluffTitler is TOP ONE product in the world.

bambamD, a year ago

If anybody need music for his own work i am free to make it for free and also i thinked why we dont make group project to give public what we are able to do. Why not to spend some hour in week to express eachother so we are here to share our stories.. why not????

bambamD, a year ago

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