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Filip | a week ago | 6 comments | 4 likes | 136 views

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I wanted to create a layered cake text with a topping.

This is the result.
The texture is created in FilterForge.
To create the topping I used the Launch normal settings (0,1,0) and Launch normal tolerance (0.2) in combination with the launch plane position (0,70,0) and Launch plane rotation (0,90,0) and Launch plane size (44).

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Yummy 😋!

michiel, a week ago

Nice but this cream does not look very natural and rather chemical. Nice cake texute.

vincent, a week ago

Great idea and texture. I think, I am hungry. 😄

Ulli, a week ago

Thnx all, Michiel an Ulli, delicious with coffe or thea.
Vincent you're right, it's still reaction with the H2O...

Maybe this is more to your liking.

Filip, a week ago

The cream looks in the second version better, indeed.

Ulli, a week ago

Thnx Ulli. I's now part of the texture.

Filip, a week ago

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